Jesus Teaches His Disciples

Matthew 5:1-12

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who did Jesus take the time to intentionally teach?
  • What is the definition of disciple? Does that make you a disciple of someone?
  • When have you experienced someone being meek? Share the story and explain the meekness you saw.
  • Where will those who receive rewards as listed in the beatitude receive their reward?
  • Why do you think that Jesus took the time to list these things out specifically for his disciples?
  • How does Jesus teach us as His followers today?
  • Which of the beatitudes is the hardest for you to understand?
  • Choose one of the beatitudes and reword it to make it easier for someone younger than you to understand. Extra family challenge – each of you choose a different one.

Song – Saddleback Kids wrote a catchy song containing the beatitudes that when shared in conjunction with scripture reading and discussion is fun way to help younger children remember some or all of them. You can find it here.