New Heaven and New Earth

Genesis 1:31; Isaiah 65:17; Revelation 21:1, 21:3–5, 21:8

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who gets to decide what the new heaven and new earth will look like?
  • What details do we already know because God has shared them with us in the Bible.
  • When will the new heaven and the new earth come to pass?
  • Where will all of this happen?
  • Why would God make a new heaven and a new earth? Why does it matter to Him?
  • How can we share with others about what we know is coming in the future?


It’s that time of year again – This I Believe is back! We will be digging deep and taking a look at the most common questions about our faith. Join us each Wednesday in the Children’s Worship space for some serious learning and some serious fun.