Clough Pike Baptist Church

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Sunday as a Starting Place 7/31/22

Celebration Sunday

This week our classes celebrated everything they have learned together during the last Sunday School year. During the celebration our leaders also talked through the gospel one more time with your children. Our goal today was to love on one another and make sure all of the children in every class know that God loves them too.

As a family this week, go through the Romans Road or 3 Circles or find that old evangicube and talk through the gospel again. We all need those reminders and to hear the good news often.

Thank You

Finally, as I wrap up my time as Clough Pike’s Children’s Director, I want to thank each of your families for allowing me to lead you and your children. It has been a blessing and an honor. I look forward to continuing to serve alongside you at Clough in a new capacity. – Kandis Babel


It’s that time of year again – This I Believe is back! We will be digging deep and taking a look at the most common questions about our faith. Join us each Wednesday in the Children’s Worship space for some serious learning and some serious fun.