Loving Others

1 John 2:7–11, 2:15–17, 3:11–18, 4:7–21, 5:1–5; 3 John 5–11; Philemon 4–22

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who are we called to love?
  • What does it look like to love others as ourselves?
  • When are we to love?
  • Where do we draw the line between accepting someone’s sin and loving them?
  • Why would God call us to love?
  • How does love open doors for gospel conversations?

Family Activities

  • Share the love – find a way to share the gospel as a family this week.
  • Love Others through Serving – serve someone to show love this week.


Thanks to Disney many of you probably know that Ohana is Hawaiian for family but did you know that in its fullest sense, Ohana is a group of people bound by love and compassion for one another – it includes intentional, adopted family and close friends. This year at our Ohana Island VBS, we are going to be exploring how God created us for community with Him and with one another.

Ohana Island will run July 18-22 from 6:15-8:45PM. Evenings on Ohana Island will begin with our worship rally where we will dig into biblical truth and worship the God who designed us all. The night will continue with games, science, snacks, small group time, and missions. Each night will conclude with a short time of worship as we gather together for dismissal.

Registration is open so go ahead and start to share on social media, invite friends, and register your own children [www.cloughpike.com/ohana]!

Mark your calendars and come join us as we discover how we are created for community!

Join us for fun and fellowship as we get in the island spirit to kick off VBS week. The church will provide the meat. Will you help us fill in the sides and dessert? Sign up to help us know what is coming by visiting our sign up page here.

It’s that time of year again – This I Believe is back! We will be digging deep and taking a look at the most common questions about our faith. Join us each Wednesday in the Children’s Worship space for some serious learning and some serious fun.