Paul’s Journey to Rome

Acts 15:36–16:15, 16:19–34

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who does Paul want to speak to in Rome?
  • What does this show you about who Paul is?
  • When have you seen someone be bold about their faith? Share the story.
  • Where can we go and share about Jesus?
  • Why does Paul want to go to Rome?
  • How can we be bold in sharing the gospel?
  • Which places in our world are you interested in going to in order to share the gospel?
  • Talk about different ways you can tell people about Jesus.

Additional Resources

Side Walk Story – It’s getting a little warmer and we’re spending more time outside. Share the story of the gospel in pictures on your sidewalk or driveway for your neighbors to see.

Share Your Story – Talk as a family about ways to share what God has done for you? How can you turn regular conversations into gospel conversations.