Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Acts 15:36–16:15, 16:19–34; Acts 15:36–16:15, 16:19–34

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who is Paul? What do we already know about him?
  • What is a missionary journey?
  • When is something considered a missionary journey? Is it the same or different from a mission trip?
  • Where can we go on missionary journeys to today? What about during Paul’s time?
  • Why is it important that Paul went on these journeys?
  • How can missionary journeys make an impact? How can we participate in missionary journeys?
  • Which place in the world is most intriguing for you as a potential place for missions? Why?
  • Share about a time when you’ve been on mission for Jesus. Where were you? What did you do?

Additional Resources

Culture Shock – Learning about the culture of somewhere matters if you are going to be able to share Jesus with them. Take some time and dig into the culture of one of the places your family might like to go on mission. What do they eat? What do the people wear? Do they speak a different language? What do they believe now? Are there any barriers to sharing Jesus with them?

Read about IMB missionaries and their journeys as a family. Take time to pray for each missionary family.


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