Jesus Sends Out the 12

Matthew 10:1-15, Mark 6:7-12

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who was to go out?
  • What did Jesus tell them to do?
  • When do we need to go out?
  • Where do the disciples get their authority from?
  • Why would Jesus want to send out the disciples instead of keeping them with Him?
  • How do we see God use us when we go out?
  • Which part of Jesus’ instructions would be the hardest for you? No payment? No taking extra stuff? . . .
  • Choose one way you are personally going to go out and tell about Jesus in the coming week. Share this with your family. Keep on another accountable.

Video Resource
Sometimes it is nice to hear the story and see it in video form. Here is a quick video retelling of Jesus sending out the 12.

Mark your calendars for 10/15!

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