Jesus Appears and Ascends

Matthew 28:16-20; Mark 26:9-20; Luke 24:13-53; John 20:11-29

Family Discussion Questions

  • Who saw Jesus before he ascended? Who watched the ascension happen?
  • What was the reaction of those who heard about Jesus’ appearing but didn’t see it?
  • When did Thomas finally believe?
  • Where all did Jesus appear to people?
  • Why did Jesus give the disciples a task before he ascended? Are we called to do the same thing? What is the task?
  • How does knowing Jesus appeared to people before ascending process in your head? Would that have been scary to you?
  • Which part of going and telling like Jesus told us to do is hardest for you?
  • Share a name of someone you would like to share Jesus with with your family. Then take time to pray over each of these people.

Additional Resources

Jesus Ascends Homemade Toy – This is a fun family craft that can reinforce the idea of Christ ascending into Heaven. Directions

Take a Bow – Write a short play and reenact Jesus appearing to the disciples either in the upper room or on the road.


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