Welcome! I’m thrilled that you have decided to check out what Family Worship means and how we can partner together as families and the church. Here at Clough Pike, we love to support families as they disciple their children. Children are an incredible gift from God; but the process of raising them can be a bit overwhelming. We want to do everything we can to support you in your journey as you raise up your children and lead them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What is Family Worship?
Family worship is an intentional, scheduled, dedicated time of worship to God within our homes. This worship time, at the minimum, includes the reading and discussing God’s word as a family. It is a time when all family members are present from the youngest to the oldest and can occur first thing in the morning, after dinner, before bed or any other time that works for your family to be together and to focus on God. There are several names for this practice including Family Worship, Family Devotions, and Faith Talks. Don’t let what you call it be a hang up. Call it whatever you like and know that here we will most often use Family Worship but will occasionally use some of the other terms since they are all synonymous.

How can the church and our family partner?
We’re glad you asked. One thing that we like to do here at Clough is support you by letting you know what your child is learning each week in their CloughKids classes. You can find this information on the CloughKids Facebook page each Sunday or you can subscribe to the CloughKids Remind group to receive the information via text. Knowing the topic of the day is great but sometimes jumping from the title of a lesson into a family discussion can be tricky; so, we also like to support you by providing the key text, some follow up questions, and occasionally some prayer starters, songs or activities you could use as a family on the blog each week. These blog posts are simply a gateway to making Sunday a starting place – they are not the only way to do so but rather they are a support for those who would like some direction and support. One more way Clough loves to support families to by talking with them. You read that right, we want to talk with you. Our staff loves to spend time with families discussing how you are doing as people as well as how family worship is going. We count it a privilege to pray with you. We gladly talk about books, blogs, podcasts and other resources. It is a joy to spend time brainstorming solutions to sticking points that are unique to your family.

For some of you Family Worship has been a part of your family for years, for others you have never even given a singular thought to the subject then there is the majority of you who have gone back and forth trying to find a way to be consistent in your efforts. No matter where you have been, I want to challenge you to make Family Worship part of your family’s weekly rhythm going forward. I want to encourage you to partner with the church. I want you to embrace the role of primary disciple-maker of your children.