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Visitor Information


If you are a first time visitor we want to help you feel welcome and know what to expect.

First, expect to be accepted

We welcome all – no matter what you look like or are wearing.

We know that we all have a past, good or bad, but we also know that we can all have a future as we come together in Christ. Our Sunday morning small groups begin at 9:30. You will find that there are many different options to choose from. We strategically do this so that every adult is able to find a group where they fit, a style they enjoy, and a place where they can grow. We invite you to try one of these groups or even try a few of them to find a place that’s just right for you. In addition we have small groups for every age of child from birth through college that is just right for each of the people in your life that you care most about. Visit us in our foyer connected to the covered entrance that we may assist everyone in your family in getting to the right place for them.



Our worship gathering begins at 10:45 and is a time where we expect for God to move and speak to us as we worship Him through music and hear the Scriptures taught. One thing that you will notice about our worship is that many people are involved and it’s always exciting. God has gifted our church with many talented musicians as well as people who serve in many different ways from the time you walk in our door until the time you exit. We believe when you join us you will not only feel the excitement that we feel but also will hear the Word taught in such a way that will help you connect to God in a more real way throughout the rest of your week.

Look into other opportunities to connect to Clough during the week.

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