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Follow Me As I Follow Christ

Josh Carter
May 27, 2018

Follow Me As I Follow Christ

The goal of parenting is that we would lead, love, teach, train, model, and discipline in such a way that our children will grow into people who will love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and love others as Jesus loves them.

We must model a faith…

  1. Where our inner beliefs are reflected in our outward reality.
  2. That is Gospel centric and Christ Exalting
  3. That is deep enough to stand the storms and doubts in life
  4. That is bold enough to share Jesus with anyone anytime anywhere
    1. …with the least and lonely
    2. …with the down and outcast
    3. …with the broken and hurting
    4. …with the hateful and hostile
    5. …with the neighbor and the stranger

3 practical areas we struggle to model faith for our children (and others).

  1. Our Praying
  2. Our Giving
  3. Our Going