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Clough Kids

The Children’s ministry is an integral part of Clough Pike Baptist Church. It is a cooperative endeavor between the home and the church, utilizing the efforts of both parents and the church body to effectively reach the children of our families and community with the message of Jesus Christ.

The Goal of our ministry is Christ-centered. We desire to help parents in building strong spiritual foundations in the lives of their children in order to
lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Material is Bible-based. We believe that the Word of God is the
answer to the needs in the lives of both children and adults. Our curriculum and programs are designed to help children develop a love for God’s Word and use it practically in their everyday lives.

The Facilities provide age appropriate furnishings and educational equipment. They keep in in mind the diverse learning needs of each age group.

The Staff is comprised of people who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior, are members of our church, and have a desire to share the love of Jesus with children. They have been carefully screened and trained specifically for working with children.

The Special Events hosted by our Children’s Department occur several times during the year. We design these special events to give our children opportunities to fellowship with one another and share the message of Christ’s love with friends. Examples of special events include, Vacation Bible School (VBS), Kids’ Night In / Parents’ Night Out, Fall Fest, Clough Family Camp Out and Birthday Party for Jesus. These events occur both during and outside of traditional church service times. Often these activities include the entire family.