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Adult Discipleship

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups

Explore the Bible Curriculum

For every Christian, a deep knowledge of the Word helps make the difference between a shallow faith and a life of trust and obedience. This kind of faith does not come from information but through the transformation encouraged by a deep dwelling of the Word of God.

Explore the Bible: Adults helps participants grow in their love for Scripture personally and in their study groups, gain new knowledge about what the Bible teaches, develop biblical disciplines, and internalize the Word in a way that impacts their daily life.

Bible Studies for Life Curriculum

The adult studies equip people to understand how faith impacts their families, their careers, and their struggles. And all the while challenging them to live out their faith, right where they are, right as they are.

Topical Bible Study

Several of our groups will choose their curriculum according to what the teacher is leading towards. These are all based solely in Scripture and help these groups draw closer to Christ.

Study God's Word

The Word of God

For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart. ~ Hebrews 4:12

Other Groups

Men's Bible Study

We gather twice a month as the men of Clough Pike Baptist Church to fellowship, study the Bible and pray together as the men of Clough Pike.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 6pm. We have studied the book of Revelation, Heaven, Hell, and many other topics.

All of our times are very conversational. Men of all ages are welcome. Come ready to learn and share of your life.

LIFT (Ladies In Fellowship Together)

Ladies In Fellowship Together (LIFT) is open to all ladies. We meet every Monday at 7pm (except 2nd Mondays)

We enjoy wonderful times of fellowship as we delve deep into God’s Word with interesting Bible Study. We try to meet monthly to enjoy lunch and sharing our lives with one another.
Our group reaches out into the community supporting our senior ministries, children’s ministries, Saul’s Homeless shelter just to name a few.

Our inspirational verse is Proverbs 27:17; ” As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We truly believe that as we encourage and strengthen one another, we are better equipped to go out and share the love of Christ with others.

Ladies Book Club

Meets on the second Monday’s of the month at Panaera in Eastgate at 7pm

Sewing Circle

The sewing circle is a group of ladies that monthly at the church on the second Tuesday @ 10 a.m.

…..We sew blankets, quilts, dresses, shorts, burp cloths and knit hats all year long, mostly at home.
…..Our main focus is CHILDRENS HOSPITAL for sick children.
…..We reach out to CHILDENS SERVICES of Clermont County. They use our donations of blankets, quilts and burp cloths for children in foster care and protective service.
…..We donate to A CARING PLACE pregnancy health center for new moms for each new baby.
…..We give a receiving blanket to each new baby born into our church family.
…..If we know of a child or elderly person in the hospital or nursing facility we provide a blanket or quilt for them. also to Sauls Homeless Shelter fleece blankets each year at Christmas time.